So, while cruising eBay for preparedness goodies, I came across these Survival Tabs. They were fairly affordable and compact so I decided to order some. Besides, I could always write a review! Well, here we are. TeenTactics missed out on this taste testing adventure but we got a good consensus from the rest of the TacticsFamily.
Evolved from the Early Space Program the Survival Tabs have a long history. Back in the 1960’s the Federal Government was searching for a food source that could be used in specialty situations. The objective was to find a product that would provide…”The Best Possible Nutrition in the Smallest Possible Volume” The resulting research was extremely involved and intense, and the product that evolved was used in the early space program. Eventually, a tablet was perfected and used widely as an emergency food. It came to be known as The Survival Tabs.
The Survival Tabs are a convenient, compact, lightweight, lifesaving food ration for any emergency. They are completely nutritious, have a 25+ year shelf life and are absolutely delicious. Just let them melt in your mouth…you’ll probably chew them up…they are so irresistibly good-tasting!

These tabs are approximately 1″ in diameter and about 1/2 as thick. They look like a small chlorine tablet for swimming pools. They have other flavors but this particular package was Butterscotch. They seem to offer Vanilla and Strawberry , as well. The small Mylar bag package says that it’s 12 Tablets per serving but there are only 4 tablets in a package and a package is 1/3 serving. It also says there are 240 calories per serving. Now, is that 240 calories in all 12 tablets or 240 calories in this package of four? This is supposed to be enough for 1 day of nutritional requirements. So, is it 720 calories a day or 240? Storage life is said to be 25 years.


DefectiveTactics –

For the first few seconds it had a bland chalky taste, similar to an antacid tablet. Not “good” but not bad. Then the butterscotch taste started to develop. It was strange…nothing then, suddenly, butterscotch. By the time it was all chewed up and swallowed, I was left feeling like I had eaten chalk dipped in a tiny bit of old butterscotch. Don’t get me wrong, you can eat them but “delicious” wasn’t the first word that came to mind. These would not be my first choice. Edible? Yes. Enjoyable? Not at all.

TinyTactics –

Well, heck no! It’s disgusting! Bluhbla blabla uhhh!


Conclusion –

The subjective part of this review might have been a little harsh but that’s kinda what a taste test is. Honest…Brutally honest.

If these are truly 720 calories total, this might be a decent long term Bug Out Bag option. Small, inexpensive, lightweight, very long storage life, and something you can choke down to survive. It’s not a vacation, it’s an emergency. The $9 Amazon price for 2 days worth of tablets is pretty reasonable. I might keep some of these in my CAR KIT.

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